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We will discuss and offer suggestions about your new venture over a cup of coffee and the first half-hour of restaurant consultation is free. Restaurant Consultants will try to steer you in the right direction as how to proceed with your food service project. Most food service projects that come to us for assistance are not positioned properly from the start.

We have restaurant clients that come to us with locations that are among the best in the city, but they have no idea what their project is going to cost or if that market is appropriate for their concept. We also have clients that have spent significant sums of money and do not have a viable concept or one that can be implemented. Our main goal would be to help you understand the process of opening a restaurant and how to develop a strategy that will meet your expectations. Our initial meeting can take as long as necessary for you to understand the resources needed to obtain your program objectives.

Clients at these early stages are often not familiar with the timeline and cost involved and how complicated it can be without experts assisting them in this endeavor. At the end of our meeting, if you decide it would be beneficial to your development to have us on your team, we would prepare a proposal and guide you step by step in how to get to the end game as expeditiously as possible. You would be billed for our time at our normal rates, but we guaranty that our time will be very helpful to the success of your program.

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