Case Study in Design

Et Voila

5120 MacArthur Blvd., NW
Washington, DC 20016

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Existing Conditions

Et Voila, opened in 2008 on MacArthur Blvd. in Washington,DC. Existing facility is 1,598 sq. ft. on first floor and 1,530 sq. ft. in kitchen basement. Executive Chef Claudio Pirollo, a legendary Belgium Chef owner, decided to expand his brand to the adjacent building. The existing property is in Historical Preservation, and the building lot is not in compliance.

Program Objectives

Expand concept into the building adjacent to the existing restaurant. Adding 1,100 sq ft on the first floor and 995 sq. ft. in basement kitchen. Total capacity of 5,223 sq. ft. Develop a new deli market, with the expansion of the existing bar and lounge. Add additional seating and upgrade all new utilities from the existing street, and bring the building into ADA compliance. Record Easement and covenant required for egress on adjacent property. Occupancy load of 108 persons.


  • Architectural, Interior Design, Food Service, MEP engineering drawings for permits.
  • Cost Analysis, Bidding, Construction management, Permit expediting, Obtain liquor license.
  • Historical Preservation hearings, ANC hearings.
  • Prepare drawings and obtain approvals for all new utilities (Water, Electric, Gas, sprinkler system)
  • Prepare and process a Record Easement and covenant from neighboring property. Design patio and obtain public space cafĂ© permits.


Expansion was completed in 22 weeks, with the existing restaurant opened for business throughout most of the construction. Restaurant opened in April 2017 with new restaurant/ bar and deli market.

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