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Restaurant Development Services and Consulting

Restaurant Startup Development

Restaurant Development

Restaurant Consultants works with you, one step at a time, to see that your specific needs are met efficiently and at minimal cost. Our experts guide you in crafting and implementing a successful restaurant concept. Whether you are re-branding or starting from scratch, Restaurant Consultants Inc. will provide support with product development, menu engineering and concept design. Our seasoned professionals provide you with feasibility studies to ensure desired results and business plan development to establish clear tactics and projections for your project. There is no element more important than location when embarking on a new project. Our restaurant consultants furnish solid site analysis and support with licensing, demographics, zoning and cost evaluation among many other essential details. You will receive sound recommendations in response to all your needs – saving you valuable time, money and unnecessary problems.

Restaurant Design


Restaurant Design and Floorplans

Keeping the heart of your concept in mind, we support you in bringing your concept to life with a practical approach refined over years of experience executing hundreds of types of restaurants. We furnish all plans such as food service, construction, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, interior, architectural – preventing cost overruns and other issues that can potentially arise when meeting your county or city approval.

Restaurant Construction


Restaurant Construction Management

Our management will help you meet important deadlines, saving you both time and money. We act as skillful ambassadors between you and the architects, contractors, developers and the community – saving you the headaches of navigating unfamiliar territory we’ve traversed for decades. Our experts are present in coordinating all aspects of construction including facilitating the bidding process, monitoring build outs so that they adhere to scheduling and supporting you throughout the entire permitting process.


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