Restaurant Consultants Inc. in the Media

Restaurant Consultants Inc. and its founder Joe Spinelli have often been recognized and asked to comment on restaurant industry trends, unique projects and food service industry forecasting. Below is a sampling of the food service, business and main-stream media where Restaurant Consultants, Inc. has been referenced or quoted.

The state of the sit-down breakfast in Washington

April, 2012

Spinelli was a consultant for Starbucks when the chain decided to launch a hot breakfast service in the mid-2000s under the somewhat ominous name, the Warming Program. Washington was deemed an ideal Warming zone, and Starbucks hired Spinelli to secure permits and help retrofit dozens and dozens of locations with coolers and TurboChef ventless ovens.

Amsterdam Falafelshop Is Finally Ready to Take Over America

September, 2010

"So the news broke this week that after years of working out the details, Amsterdam Falafelshop will finally start franchising its delicious fried chickpea concept. As Joe Spinelli told me on Monday, the Adams Morgan falafel operation could soon become a monster, with more than 100 shops within the next seven years." – Tim Carman

The (Almost) Nine Thousand Restaurant Man

August, 2010

"Joe Spinelli's career in the restaurant industry spans 39 years. During that time he has personally owned and operated several restaurants in addition to launching several other restaurant-related businesses including a custom millwork company, a refrigeration sales/service company and an electrical contract service company specializing in electrical contracting to restaurants and commercial businesses... Joe Spinelli has personally been involved in more than 8,900 restaurant-related projects." – John Klakamp

The Tavernization of Wisconsin Avenue NW

February 3, 2010

"This tavernization, if you'll excuse the phrase, of former destination establishments seems like the obvious by-product of an economy in recession since December 2007, and I say exactly that to veteran consultant Joe Spinelli, who opened more restaurants than I've probably dined in. Spinelli is a kind man; he suffers fools with half-formed theories. Sure, he explains, the current economic climate has rained down on fine-dining, white-tablecloth restaurants, forcing them to cling to life preservers.. But most eateries fail, he says, not because their concepts are flimsy or their food flaccid but because the owners, looking for cheap rent, pick the wrong location." – Tim Carman

Pete's Apizza Set to Open Second Location on Wisconsin Avenue

January 21, 2010

Restaurant Consultants Inc. supported business, Pete's Apizza, opens new restaurant location in Washington, DC.

DC Restaurant Market: Not As Depressed As You Might Think

February 3, 2009

Joe Spinelli has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years and he's probably consulted on more restaurants than most people have eaten in. He doesn't think the downturn in our economy is affecting Washington, DC restaurants as harshly.

Who Will Own the Local Falafel Market? Amsterdam or Maoz?

January 22, 2009

Amsterdam Falafel turns to franchising experts to develop a viable plan to corner the Washington, DC falafel market.

It's the Economy, Yes We Know It

January 1, 2009

The principle of Restaurant Brokers & Developers offer some excellent insight into restaurant opportunities in today's market. "I've got more development projects in the works than in any recent time."

Joe Spinelli

Opening a Franchise Gives You a Head Start

May 22, 2008

Worried about starting a new business? A franchise is less risky than creating a company from scratch.

So You Want To Sell Your Restaurant

September 2, 2007

Resident experts on restaurant deal making weigh in on restaurant sales. "There are two (types of) sellers: those who need to sell and those who want to sell."

Joe Spinelli

Brains Behind MaggieMoo's Serving Up New Firm

July 13, 2007

Richard Sharoff takes his franchising ideas to the next level. "My vision is to help these emerging restaurant concepts and create a better, smarter and more efficiently run business."

Richard Sharoff

How to grow to 100 Units: Preparing for Restaurant Franchise Takeoff

July 1, 2007

FranPoint Partners defines the factors used to determine if a concept is franchise ready.

Modern Day Founder of MaggieMoo's Launches Company to Grow Startup Chains to 100 Units

June 1, 2007

Hamilton-Clark Refrigeration Design & Management World Newsletter

LLC, FranPoint Partners has already attracted the interest of several growing restaurant chains seeking to elevate their concepts.

One Stop Franchising

May 14, 2007

Local restaurant executives form partnership to serve restaurants who decide to franchise.

Classmates Turn Contest Idea Into Chain Called Punk's

May 11, 2007

Three classmates at Cornell University develop a chain concept and solicit the support of Joe Spinelli and Restaurant Brokers & Developers to support their endeavor.

Eateries Embrace Patios to Lure Exiled Smokers

April 30, 2007

DC restaurants seek permitting for sidewalk cafés to allow patrons to dine outside. "Every restaurant that can do them does (sidewalk dining.)

Joe Spinelli

Pizza at Bebo: No Dough

February 6, 2007

Joe Spinelli is tapped by Bebo Trattoria to expedite the permitting process for their Arlington, Virginia location.

The Restaurant Franchise Dream to the Power of Threes

August 2006

Spinelli spoke about the franchise route to ownership of a foodservice business is like" paying for someone else's mistakes.

Chefs Find It Hard To Get a Table in Washington

May 19, 2006

Downtown's growing restaurant reputation is luring chefs from near and far, while allowing landlords to get more selective. "Years ago you couldn't give away (a) place in Chinatown. Now you can't find it under $65 per square foot."

Joe Spinelli

Catering to New Neighbors

September 27, 2002

Southern Blues faces hard times in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. "That situation shouldn't be hard to turn around…When you've got a hospital (in the neighborhood) you've got to be doing 20 percent of your business in carryout…"

Joe Spinelli

Phillips Going After Quick-Serve Market

July 26, 2002

DC based seafood chain branches out with fast-food style kiosks. "The concept is likely to find a big market."

Joe Spinelli

Armand's Chicago Pizzeria is Now Slowly Ramping Up for Expansion

March 29, 2002

Joe Spinelli and Jim McGinnis of Restaurant Brokers & Developers support Armand's Pizzeria in establishing several new locations.

Two New Restaurants on the Menu for Three Brothers

November 10, 2000

Joe Spinelli and Restaurant Brokers & Developers supports successful local pizza chain in acquiring new locations.

Ernest Goes to Franchising

May 23, 1997

Steak Around franchise delivers an alternative to pizza and Chinese food in the Washington, DC market.

Supping in Suburbia

January 31, 1993

There are many thriving choices with a new suburban restaurant revival in Montgomery County." People can't eat in the same restaurant every day."

Joe Spinelli